The Vancouver of the Future; The Future of Vancouver.

Debbie-LoveI love Vancouver, I love it very much.  I think we’re all very lucky to live here – spoiled,         actually – to have so much freedom, so much diversity, so much natural beauty and such a mild climate.  Mountains, forests, ocean and plenty of fresh water.  People from all over the world, who opened restaurants and shared their food with us.  Trees line the streets, and there is so much to choose from.  We are so very, VERY lucky.

And it’s not enough… not for me, anyway.  I want so much more for myself, and for all of us who are lucky enough to call Vancouver home.  So let me paint you a picture of the Vancouver of the Future, if I could have my way.  Let me show you Vancouver in my eyes:

The Pride parade is no longer filled with corporations and politicians wooing the social acceptance of the crowds and the “gay” spending dollar.  Oh no, the parade is a celebration of all genders, orientations, and relationship structures.  It is a celebration of life, love and our being sexual creatures.  It’s an enormous festival – not one of working for acceptance and equal rights – but of inclusion and expression for all who live here, in all our many sexual forms and flavours.  The rainbow flag is a reality – we’re together in acceptance, and rejoicing.

The fight for equal rights – for all – is over.  (And because it’s over, we focus our energies on much larger problems.)  Gender, sexual orientation and romantic/sexual lifestyles no longer matter, because none of it impacts the value of a person.  Instead, people are judged by their words and their deeds, and whether they make the world a better or worse place by being in it.

There is no such thing as “coming out”, because there is no such thing as having to hide what you are.  Sex and sexuality are accepted as a natural – and valuable – part of our selves, something that holds no shame or need for explanation or apology.  Children express their sexuality as they develop naturally, without fear or hesitation.  And no one panics if they receive an unwanted advance from someone of a different orientation; it’s handled as calmly as it would be if the advace were from someone of the preferred gender/orientation.

Suicides caused by pressure to sexually conform are a thing of the past, and simply unimaginable to us.  And there is no such thing as a teenager living on the street, because their parents shunned their natural sexuality.  No one worries about their job security, or being abandoned by their families, because of sex… Sex is okay, and talking about it is okay.  Families talk about sex freely, so no children are using candy wrappers as condoms, and no one freaks out when their parents or grandparents express their love and desire for each other.  Love is love… and it’s beautiful no matter what the form it takes.  

There are no broken homes caused by someone desperately trying to live a lie – because they felt they had to – (only to eventually fail, and have everyone affected left hurting).  No, people choose relationships that fit them – freely – so this doesn’t happen at all.  And while there may be many reasons to see a therapist, trauma caused by sexual repression isn’t one of them; the idea is laughable, really, because why would you be sexually repressed?  You are free to be exactly who and what you are.  If it’s consensual – there is never a need to be ashamed or hide it.  You are beautiful, vital, sexual and ALIVE… just like everybody else.

Imagine it… Isn’t beautiful?  Isn’t it exciting?  And do you know what else it is?  POSSIBLE.  We create the world – and the society – we live in, and we can recreate it any time we please.  So let’s do it.  Let’s make THAT Vancouver a reality.  Let’s make this city the best, and happiest, place on earth.  Because we CAN.

The place is ours, and the time is now.

Originally featured on Sept. 15, 2013

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