Vancouver Pups say, “Come out and play!”

Debbie Love

For the members of the puppy play community in Vancouver, there is MUCH to celebrate this weekend.  Not only is the local community leader – Pup Figaro – the current Northwest Puppy titleholder, but he just brought home the International Puppy title as well.  And, capping off all the excitement in town, Vancouver is the host of this year’s Northwest Puppy & Handler Contest.

Yes, Vancouver is about to be flooded by visiting puppy players – of both the puppy and handler persuasions – from all over the Northwest, as the contest is affiliated with groups from Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, and Calgary, as well as the International Puppy Contest.  So if you’re in The Davie Village this weekend, you’re going to catch at least a few glimpses of human pups at play… and PLAY is what it’s all about.  Meeting other enthusiasts, making friends, playing with the puppies, pups playing together, sharing information, and encouraging one another will all be part of the festivities… along with lots and lots of hilarious fun.  If you’ve been curious about joining the local community, this weekend is DEFINITELY the event to attend.  Excitement will be in the air, the locals and visitors will be extremely welcoming, and there will be all manner of fun to be had by all.

Pup FigaroWhen Pup Figaro founded the local community group VAN-PAH, (Vancouver Puppies And Handlers), in June of 2012, he did so with a vision to grow a strong, fun, loving community that crosses all perceived &/or imposed boundaries, and that vision has not strayed. VAN-PAH is entirely inclusive regarding gender, orientation, and animal identity.  Regulars are always excited to see newcomers, and are always eager when non-puppy humanimal players come out to join the fun.  Curiosity is encouraged, trying it out (to see if you really are interested) is encouraged, and jumping right on in is encouraged too.  You’d have to search long and hard to find another niche community that is more friendly and welcoming than the puppy community.

VAN-PAH logoVAN-PAH event pages always contain the line, “Always remember puppy gear is admired, but never required!”, so you need not worry about needing to have a certain amount of gear or wardrobe in order to participate.  Some people will be all ‘pupped-out’ with a hood, padded “paws”, harnesses, collars, and more… and some will literally just be wearing street clothes.  No one is ever turned away or looked down upon for not having enough stuff, (or the budget to afford it all).  In fact, newcomers are always encouraged to spend as little as possible at first, and then decide how much you want/need after you’ve had some experience.  Which is wise, given that (like any fetish), you can spend a LOT of money on it if you want to.

The list of public events for the weekend is included at the bottom, but don’t let the bare bones descriptions fool you; there will be all manner of puppy-themed games and entertainments to be had!  The group leaders take no end of pleasure in making every event as much fun as possible, and the result is well worth the effort.  Their passion for all things puppy make for a delightful and joyous environment for everyone who joins in… which is precisely what you should do, if you’re even remotely interested in human puppy play.  Men, women, queer, straight, kinky, leather, and animals of kinds, are all welcome to jump into THIS pool!  There are puppy piles to clamour onto, mats to scamper around on, toys to be thrown and fetched, and hands ready for petting – all waiting amongst smiling faces, and wagging tails.

NWPHC 2015 posterNorthwest Puppy & Handler 2015 Meet and Sniff – Friday, Aug 15th – 7:00pm – 10:00pm @ The PumpJack Pub.
Judges and Contestants are introduced to the audience, and the contestants select their contestant numbers. Contestants will also be participating in the Pup Training (@ 9:00pm) and Fundraising portions of the contest. There will be plenty of space for fun, as well as mats set up for moshing.

VAN-PAH’s Monthly Mosh – August 16th, 2014 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm @ The PumpJack Pub.
Whether you are going to romp, socialize, or just explore, come on out and have some fun!  You’ll find pups romping around, playing with toys, and having an all around blast, while Handlers socialize and play with the puppies.

Northwest Puppy & Handler 2015 Contest – August 16th, 2014 – 7:00pm – 10:00pm @ The PumpJack Pub.
Cascadia Leather Rising Productions presents the 2015 Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest hosted by VAN-PAH. Come join us in beautiful Vancouver, BC, as we find out who will represent our region as Northwest Puppy & Northwest Handler 2015!

Victory Beer Bust – August 17th, 2014 – 1:00pm – 4:00pm @ The PumpJack Pub.
Come celebrate our community and toast the winners of the Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest!

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