Vancouver Fetish Weekend: Bringing Vancouver to the World Stage.

The one fetish event you will not want to miss in 2014 is the annual Vancouver Fetish Weekend. Yes, this is only the 2nd year of it’s existence, but it promises to be even better than the first. It is produced by DJ Pandemonium, who has also been putting on the very popular event Sin City Fetish Night for the past 13 years. Vancouver Fetish Weekend isn’t something that just popped up in the last two years – it is the end result of years of hard work, a natural progression, gradual growth and the culmination of cultivating a legitimate reputation. In 2013, the Vancouver Fetish Weekend was a great success, but this year will be even bigger and better.

The first Vancouver Fetish Weekend was actually seven years in the making. According to DJ Pandemonium, the concept was first sparked around the fifth anniversary of Sin City, but at the time, the various elements required to make it happen were not yet in place. DJ Pandemonium feels that you can’t start small with a Fetish Weekend or it would be DJ Pandemoniumunderwhelming. Starting with Masuimi Max in 2011, Sin City stepped up to the international plate and starting bringing in A-list fetish performers, which helps to give international legitimacy to your event, adds entertainment value, and helps to attract and bring together patrons from an even farther reach. In order to bring in talent like that, an event has to have a large enough attendance to cover the expense. Sin City’s attendance for its anniversary party had grown to the level where it could handle this larger scale of production and entertainment, and in 2013 they stepped it up even further and booked the world famous Commodore Ballroom on a Saturday night. Once this big Saturday night was in place, it just made sense to build around it with Friday and Sunday night events, resulting in a full Fetish Weekend. People in Vancouver were finally ready to participate and purchase tickets for a big fetish weekend, the venues were in place, the stars had aligned. As far as DJ Pandemonium was concerned, year one was a great success because everything he hoped would happen, happened. Vancouver threw open its doors to the international community and invited everyone from both within the city, and from much further out, to join together for the biggest kink party the city had ever seen. Out of town visitors that came in just for the event had a terrific time, people enjoyed the variety of events, and the entertainment was much appreciated.

Club 560You could say that year two is kind of doing a 180, or maybe even a 380? Club 560 has replaced the Commodore this year, as the anchor venue for the main Saturday night event. The Commodore is a huge venue with a lot of history and a fun, bouncy dance floor but is essentially one giant open area ballroom, whereas Club 560 offers a lot more areas to set up for kinksters to enjoy and explore. Club 560 is three levels of fun. There will be a cool photo booth level and social area on the top balcony. There will be two separate dance floors to choose from, and a fantastic stage. The lower level has a long row of unisex, individual, small private bathrooms as well as many stone nooks with couches that are perfect for setting up as dungeon areas for BDSM play. There should be electrical outlets close by as well.

Pride of VancouverIn 2013, for the Sunday night play party, Chapel Arts was set up in a really fun way for the event, but this year it will be at Vancouver’s longest running strip club, the historic Penthouse. Since the regulation of the stage shows is far more permissive at a strip club, there will also be more x-rated entertainment from Rubberdoll, Brent Ray Fraser, and Spooksy DeLune, while being hosted by the legendary Boulet Brothers from Los Angeles. All three levels of the Penthouse will be rocking with dancing, play, mingling, and entertainment. To top things off, there is also a VIP-Only Fetish Cruise on board the Pride Of Vancouver. Get your passes now because they’re going fast and almost sold out. It’s a private yacht, so almost anything goes; basically, no means no, and leave everything as clean as you found it.

What really makes or breaks a good Fetish Weekend is a unique event that creates a social connection. Beyond great club events, you want people to feel something special and unique that brings them back year after year. In Montreal it’s the Photo Walk. People come from all over the world to Montreal to dress in their most elaborate fetish attire and walk with hundreds of other fetish enthusiasts through the downtown core as well as ride the Metro. There are tons of photographers taking pictures and the regular crowds are always delightfully surprised to see this display unfold before Vancouver, BC - English Baythem. This is an event that is unique to Montreal and probably couldn’t happen in any other place. Vancouver is famous for being a naturally beautiful city. We have the mountains meeting the Bay with a gorgeous skyline. Imagine a warm, late July, floating on a calm English Bay with the sun setting towards UBC and Grouse Mountain behind you. Now picture yourself and over 200 sexy people around you scantily clothed, dancing or lounging about, with only the most hedonistic energy flowing. That is what the Fetish Cruise will be. DJ Pandemonium envisions this to be a key event where people make a social connection with others, thereby making Vancouver Fetish Weekend a top 10 city attraction. This is what VFW will build on, and keep growing until it eventually becomes a huge international destination.

Vancouver Fetish Weekend already attracts a good mix of patrons of various ages, and a fairly equal ratio of men to women. If this is your first fetish event, don’t fret; you’ll probably have a good number of friends to help you along, and there will be plenty of distractions. DJ Pandemonium likes to say, “Fetish events are more and less than you think. They’re a lot more fun, and a lot less weird.” Of course, there is a strict dress code, and honestly some people have Dress Codestruggled with this in the past. Keep in mind, that it will be hot in the clubs, so less is more. Don’t be intimidated by the theme of any events; you don’t have to stick to it, it’s merely a fun suggestion. You probably will be turned away at the door if you attend the Friday night Military and Uniform Fetish Ball wearing cargo pants and a cargo t-shirt. Think sexy. A simple pair of black leather shorts can go a long way. PVC, latex, leather, lingerie are always a good choice. If it’s iffy, maybe lose the top? Most first timers feel way over-dressed once they get in anyway. If you have been on the fence about attending a fetish event, this is the time to jump in. It should also be pointed out a fetish event is different than a BDSM play party. Although there are play stations and some people will be engaged in some type of kinky play, most people that attend are there for the outfits, dancing and mingling. It’s not like Shibaricon, KinkFest or Beyond Leather. There will be a lot of unique entertainers, skilled DJ’s, and tons of folks in sexy and unique outfits. No promises, but there may even be an unveiling of Vibrato 6.0.

This year’s Vancouver Fetish Weekend will be the best club fetish event our city has ever seen. You’ll definitely regret it if you miss out on any of the amazing events. Like London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Montreal, Vancouver is now officially on the map as an international fetish destination.

Vancouver Fetish Weekend PROMO VIDEO! from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

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