WHY KNOT the movie: Breaking the silence on monogamy.

Why Knot is one filmmaker’s courageous journey into a forbidden horizon. Dhruv Dhawan is the creator of the critically acclaimed documentary From Dust in 2005. He lived in India and Dubai, until he decided to continue his education by getting his MFA in Film Production at UBC. When he arrived, he communicated with a wonderful woman, Hang Duong, through Plenty Of… Read more“WHY KNOT the movie: Breaking the silence on monogamy.”

Monogamy Vs. Open Relationships

It’s nobody’s business, and every relationship is as individual as the people involved in it.  There is no right or wrong about relationships, they just are.  That should all be common sense, right?  And yet, in the gay (male) community, the debate over relationships being monogamous or open, rages on! Not long ago, (on a gay website – I believe… Read more“Monogamy Vs. Open Relationships”