Sex Positive’s Very Own Alternative Advice Column

Our very own VIBRATO is ready to answer any and all questions you have about kink and all things kinky!

He has been around the Vancouver BDSM scene since 1992, and has experimented with many types of play, from flogging, to pegging, to Chinese water torture. Over the years, Vibrato has tried everything he was curious about, to find out what he does – and doesn’t – like.  Vibrato has attended major fetish events in: San Francisco; LA; Toronto; Montreal; Miami; Fort Lauderdale; Negril, Jamaica; Essen, Germany; Paris; and London.  And he’s currently putting together a fetish travel show called Vibrato’s Fetish World.

Vibrato is a straight switch, who is primarily focused on female pleasure.  He’s learned the hard way about safe, sane, and consensual play; online etiquette; non-verbal reactions to his gregarious nature; and fetish politics.  Now, Vibrato can save you the time, headaches, and heartbreak with his Vibrato’s ‘Vice column.  Ask him anything.

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