RUBBOUT: GEAR UP for action!

rubbout 23 logoThe RUBBOUT WEEKEND is one of the gay fetish community’s annual highlights in Vancouver, BC.  And well it should be, given that it is one of the longest running events of its kind in the city.

2014 is the 23rd installment of the Vancouver Rubbout party weekend for men who like rubber and fetish, and this year, the theme is “GEAR UP!”.  (Attendees are encouraged “…to wear their sexiest sports gear to the weekend events; preferably in rubber, though lycra and leather will also conjure up images of hot sweaty muscular men giving their all to win the game…and, of course, locker room flesh is always welcome!”)  Speaking with Reid Dalgleish, the head organizer of the event, he shared his passion for RUBBOUT and the local fetish scene with me.  He explained that RUBBOUT has a very rich history, having been throwing party weekends since 1992, and that the organizers – all volunteers – are very serious about keeping the quality of the event high.  One of the reasons that he loves this event so much, is that it is such a wonderful social event, where there is no need to posture.  Steadfast locals and enthusiastic out-of-towners all get a chance to get to know one another, with no expectations being put upon them.  The organizers work hard to keep the cost of entry low, so as to encourage high attendance, enabling locals and out-of-towners to get to know each other and network in a fun, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere.

Dalgleish also shared his vision for a stronger, more vital, and more inclusive future for the local gay fetish scene, (which, of course, thrilled me given that inclusivity is one of my major passions as well).  And it is for this very reason, that the GEAR UP! theme was chosen: to include as much of the gay fetish community as possible.  Leathermen, lycra wearers, and other gey fetishists have always been welcome at RUBBOUT, but this year the theme opened up the borders of inclusion a little further.  Athletic gear is very popular with the younger gay community, so the theme is expected to encourage them to come out to play.  And with rubber being an expensive fetish, it can be financially challenging for the young to join in, so the athletic gear option is designed to open up opportunity for budding rubbermen as well.  Plus, if you’re new or curious, rubber can be a fairly hefty investment to make in order to find out if you’re really into it or not.  So for the new, young, and/or curious – this is the event you’ve been looking for.

This year, RUBBOUT has also incorporated a brand new event for the rapidly growing local puppy scene, holding it’s very first PUPPYBOWL and PUPPY PARADE.  For those who don’t know, the local puppy community is VAN-PAH (VANcouver Puppies And Handlers), and it’s led by Northwest Puppy Titleholder Pup Figaro, which has been flourishing under his stewardship.  And while the puppy community is awash with leather and rubber, what makes it particularly interesting is that gender and orientation do not matter within it.  If you are a human-puppy enthusiast, you are welcomed with open paws.  And so, the inclusivity of RUBBOUT expands even further within the puppy event, as all genders and orientations are allowed.  For RUBBOUT organizers, this new puppy event made sense, as it is sure to bring lots of excitement and new blood to the event; and I, for one, am ecstatic about it.

Dalgleish also shared with me that the organizers are working hard to grow the event every year, building up to one spectacular 25th RUBBOUT in 2016.  And with the opening of some very interesting venues in Vancouver over the last year, he is very excited about how this year’s event is going to take them toward that goal.  A licensed venue is home to this year’s big party of the weekend, so attendees can expect an experience like the fetish parties held in the States.  And while the focus of the event is to foster networking and community building, they have also endeavoured to create a weekend filled with a variety of experiences and exposures to fetish for the seasoned and novice alike.

Weekend Pass PrizesI asked Dalgleish how attendees could make sure to get the most out of RUBBOUT, and his answer was quite simple: buy a weekend pass, and do it early, too!  There are only 150 passes available, and they’ve added a prize to fuel the buying.  Those who purchase their weekend pass by midnight on Wed., April 2nd will be entered into a draw for a chance to win either a size small Dainese-style catsuit – OR – a size large black & red catsuit (pictured right), both made by Latex Catfish – one of the RUBBOUT sponsors.

Included in the weekend pass are the following good times to be had:

  • Registration and Package Pick-Up Party – (Friday, 5-7pm at The PumpJack) – A low key early evening that’s an opportunity to meet the out-of-towners.  Raffle tickets and event tickets available for purchase there.

  • Grand Slam Greet the Meat Party presented by Willy Schindle, Mister International Rubber – (Friday, 9:30-11:30pm at Heaven’s Door) – Decorated in sports themes, with some sexy surprises in store!  Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence doing the coat check; photo booth; DJ Del Stamp; gogo dancers; fantasy scenes on stage.  Official welcome at 10pm, including the draw for the rubber catsuit.  Dancing ‘till 3am.

  • Locker Room Gear Swap Meet – (Saturday, 11am-6pm at The PumpJack)  – Goods intake at 11am.  Sale starts at 1pm.  Come early for a shot at the best items, stay late for a chance to pick up goods cheap.  At 5pm, the prices drop for the final hour.  With Priape closed now, this is a great chance to stock up!

  • Puppy Bowl I and Puppy Parade – (Saturday, 2-5pm at The Junction) – The monthly puppy mosh at The PumpJack finds a new home, an extra hour, and a tonne of fun this month!  Competitive puppy events to be featured (along with other hijinks) and the Puppy Parade on Davie Street.

  • Tight End Play Party – (Saturday, 9pm-3am at 8×6) – Make sure you get a weekend pass to ensure you have a spot at the highlight of the weekend.  Otherwise, you may end up waiting outside in the lineup instead of inside where the fun is.  Upstairs AND downstairs bars in service; DJ; dancing; rubber bondage dungeon playspace; & full play area in the back.  Bar service ends at 2am, party ends by 3am.

  • Rebound Sunday Brunch – (Sunday, 11am-2pm at Heaven’s Door) – Expanded menu being served at 11:30am, ending at 12:30pm.  Followed by entertainment by the funny & talented David C. Jones (another new item for RUBBOUT).  Raffle prize draw 1pm.  Ends at 2pm.  Head on over to The PumpJack for the traditional cheap beer Sunday afternoon fun.

  • Shootout Watersports Party – (Sunday, 5-9pm at Steamworks) –  Weekend pass wristband = free entry. Hot tub, sauna area booked; nude wrestling & other fun times to be had. No interest in exercise? Then this event is for you! Because yes, the name is a double entendre. (Options available to stay later, if desired.)

RUBBOUT is friendly, affordable, unintimidating, inclusive, approachable, and overflowing with fetish fun.  So break out your rubber, leather, lycra, fetish wear of any kind, or even just a jockstrap – because you don’t want to miss out on the action!

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