PupLuvyvr & The Evolution of Leather.

Debbie LoveThe Vancouver Leather scene is about to go through a metamorphosis.  It’s one that has been quietly growing, and now, it is about to burst onto the scene.  Pupluvyvr is a local event producer, a very passionate Leatherman, and fetishist.  He believes in both of those communities (Leather and Fetish) with real fire, and it’s out of this excitement that his current and upcoming events are being born.

He believes in inclusion, growth and the future, and is determined to take the newer generations of Leathermen seriously.  He loves and respects the Old Leather ways, and always will, and he wants to make sure that the younger generations, (and all those who love joining in with them), have events and places to go to, in order to keep their interest in the Leather community alive.  And while he may not be the youngest man in the scene, he is most certainly young at heart; and that is perhaps the very reason why he’s the perfect man for this job: he defies an age bracket.  He also defies being cornered into constrictive role definitions, preferring to be true to himself and have a fine old time doing it.  As a result, he is equally comfortable with all ages in the community, and is perfectly at home with traditional and non-traditional expressions of gender and orientation.  All of which comes together to create (what could be argued as being) the job description for being a leader for the next generation of Leather.

It’s an interesting thing, to see how the battles fought in the war for equality are impacting those growing up in the new world created by those very victories.  Their reality is a very different one than that of those who came up during harder times.  The young have taken the pride flag to heart, wanting only to be true to themselves – to express their gender identity and sexual orientation in a way that feels right to them.  They don’t hold themselves to one stripe of the rainbow, or even just one pride flag… They ARE the rainbow, and are proud to carry as many different flags as they feel fit them.  PupLuvyvr wants to join in their celebration of sexual self that is varied, unpredictable, unique, and authentic… and have as many others join the party as possible.  Which means, he is creating events that are more inclusive, and he’s only just begun.

For now, he will be hosting four monthly parties at 8×6, (and is happy to do so as he very much wants it to survive and thrive), that take up each Saturday night at the venue.  And I’m sure the local gay community will be excited by the brand new events that are coming each Saturday, beginning May 3rd.  Each night has a different theme, three of which are brand new, and one – The Vatican Party – will be having it’s third night at it’s new home, and has become a monthy event, instead of a bimonthly one!


  • ABDUCTION – Launches Sat., May 3 @ 8pm ’till late. $15 cover. This is a full on Bad Ass Dance Party for all you hard core men with carnal desires.Yes Pupluvyvr will be Abducting a few men and putting them in Shackles and cages and he hopes you sirs bring your slaves and bad boys. There will be dancing and playing and nudity. Everything will be anonymous, so dig out your favourite wrestling hood, leather mask, puppy hood, pillow case, or potato sack. It’s Mandatory, so if you don’t – a balaclava will be available for you to borrow. Yes, just like eyes wide shut! Taffi Louis will be spinning tunes, and Pupluvyvr will be up to his Antics. This is a monthly event, and will be the first Saturday of every month. 8-late, licensed and off the hook. Let’s grow this leather Fetish community together and remember… What happens in The House Of Sin, stays in The House Of Sin.
  • EXPLICITEXPLICIT – Launches Sat., May 10 @ 8pm ’till late. $15 cover. This is not leather, not fetish, not Rubber, not twink, not bear, not kinkster, not Muscle, not an Attitude!  Let me be Expicit: this night is all about hot men doing hotter things to the hottest beats that go “pump” – yes I said it ‘PUMP” – in the night. DJ Taffi Louis, will be out of control and me, Pupluvyvr, will be up to my antics – making this flesh filled room take us on a nocturnal adventure. Explicit: Be ready.


  • The Vatican PartyTHE VATICAN PARTY – Launches Sat., May 17 @ 8pm. Cover: $15 advance (online) or $20 at the door. Men’s Leather Fetish Dance Party. We have changed location as the old one was not able to follow through on their promises! We are now the 3rd Saturday of EVERY month at Club 8×6. Pupluvyvr promises to Jesus that this will be the new HOUSE OF SIN for the boys!  Visit the website for more info at www.thevaticanparty.com.  If you would like to be part of the talent, contact Pupluvyvr@gmail.com.


  • PUPluvYVR event logoRAWHIDE – Launches Sat., May 24 @ 8pm. $15 cover. Men’s Raw Pounding Dance Party. The 4th Saturday of every Month @ Club 8×6, is all about dancing and whipping that raw ass of yours. Yes, you all know Pupluvyvr has this ‘drive me wild, Brokeback cowboy’ fetish, and this is the only place with a hitching post…..Wear your hat if you like, because nothing will be as it always is! If you would like to be whipped/spanked or part of the talent, contact Pupluvyvr@gmail.com.  (Event artwork coming soon.)


I don’t know about you, but that all sounds like a lot of fun to me!  So here’s to embracing the Old Guard and the New Guard, and celebrating the next generation of Leather, where there is no “guard”.  Here’s to building a bright future for a strong and thriving Leather community.  Because togetherness is what it’s all about, and if PupLuvyvr gets his way, they’ll all be together at 8×6, having a good time – laughing, dancing, and playing their way into the future of Leather.

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