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ScottyHotty and MARKUS|edge, (their user names on, have only known each other a few months, but their partnership is already legendary. Scotty has a lot of event promotions experience; he has put together many club nights on Granville, and Richards, as well as big events at BC Place. He has a lot of friends and followers in the LGBT, swing, fetish, and poly communities. Markus established himself in the BDSM community as the go to DJ for play parties. He also has 20 years of business consulting experience. Scotty got into his element when he started promoting kink events. It all began when he worked with an after-hours club to come up with a kink theme for one of their parties. Early Sunday morning, on March 16th of this year, Markus met Scotty at that same event and was very impressed. They became fast friends. By 6:30 am, sitting in Scotty’s hot tub, the idea which would lead to the best sex positive events this city has ever experienced, began to flow. The primary emphasis of their events, established at the break of dawn that day, puts people before profit, and community before corporations. And it’s the reason why their parties are so successful.

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Markus knows that his strength is all about the music. He has a unique style, and a preference for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) – which compliments BDSM play to a tee. Markus tried for four years to get events going in Calgary, but couldn’t get the traction. He still had that desire in the Spring, when he moved to Vancouver, but he felt he needed some practice. So he approached MsBlaze (her user name on from MVK (Metro Vancouver Kink, the local non-profit BDSM community group).  Together, they worked out an arrangement for Markus to DJ music that would accompany the flogging, rope bondage, needle play, electrical play, and all other types of BDSM play that happen at MVK events – in a safe, sane, and consensual manner – during the party. His DJ’ing was received with great accolades, and it went far better than Markus imagined possible. Then MVK then had Markus DJ their Dangerous Liaisons party at club 8X6 in the West End. And again, it was a huge success, and the venue was also perfect.

Scotty and Markus approached Zoll, one of the owners of 8X6, to figure out if a sex positive party would be possible. Up to that point, the club catered to gay males mostly, and sex was allowed. Scotty and Markus strived long and hard to figure out how to make it work for a pansexual event that would incorporate poly, swing, and BDSM play. Their vision was vast, as they wanted the event to welcome gay, straight, bi, trans, men, women, singles, couples, groups, and poly families. Scotty and Markus realized that in order to pull off their vision, the party would not only have to be unique, but it would also really have to adhere to the PLUR philosophy… Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

In Calgary, Kirkhandy (his user name on, runs themed house parties called Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter is all about bringing people together, and helping each individual express their desires and curiosities. Volunteers who are outgoing, approachable, and experienced in BDSM play, converse with guests about anything they want to try. These volunteers are called Cupids. They serve a key function at the party, and bring a level of comfort and belonging that is often missing from most events. Guests also have cards that they pin to their hats that act as an ID, but can also state the type of play they would like to try that evening. The Cupids help guests create the personalized cards, and can even act as mutual consent match-makers. The cards are enormously helpful, as they clarify intent and help eliminate miscommunication. Markus and Scotty approached KirkHandy to utilize Mad Hatter, and then built on it to work for a club environment that would also incorporate an EDM DJ. Markus is all about the music; his EDM mixes are terrific for flogging, grinding, and sex. The EDM tracks are rhythmic, tribal, and pulsing. It doesn’t rip you out of your headspace with a sudden change, and the volume is at a level where you can hear what your partner is saying – which is much safer for BDSM play.

Scotty knows tons of people in the kink community; he’s Vancouver’s go-to party person. He’s very open and approachable, and always knows the hottest place to have a great time. Markus is fully ingrained in the BDSM scene: that’s his element. He’s very well respected in that community, and has build a solid reputation. Together, they use their separate strengths, but also focus on their shared sex positive philosophy to create an open atmosphere within a safe environment. At their parties, everyone is treated with respect and fairness. They make sure that the club gets paid as well as the DJ, bartenders, and door person. They bring in people from the community to be part of the celebration. The Cupids are very important, but so are other volunteers from the community like Vertigo Rope – to operate a station for people to try rope bondage and suspension. MVK has donated their time and expertise, with equipment and Tops to allow people to try some BDSM play that might be new and enticing.

Some fetish nights are very strict about dress codes. The benefit is a sexy atmosphere where everyone is on a level playing field. The downside is it can become kind of a stand and model show. PLUR Productions doesn’t put on fetish nights, their parties are not about what you wear. (The only restriction is that you must wear something to cover your feet.) You can wear a latex suit, or just a pair of stilettos. Lurkers are not a problem because of the approach and communication technique. No one will freak out and yell at you, but someone will talk to you in a calm manner and explain consent for your first transgression. The 8X6 venue is also a place that fits in, as a very sexual environment that promotes shared experiences. There are couches along the right side as you enter downstairs. Off to the left, in the back, there are lockers that are provided free with admission. There is one large, shared bathroom with two stalls. In front of the bathroom, is a dance / BDSM play space, with a few pieces of furniture to utilize. Beyond the dance floor, is another play space, with swings and sex chairs. To the right of that, are private booths with curtains, and then on the far right – leading back to the mingling couches – is a long, dark glory hole station. The energy the space creates is very sexual, and alluring.

Even though PLUR is very new, they refuse to become stale. Every event keeps the elements that work, but also adds something completely new and different. Vancouver Fetish Weekend worked with PLUR to be the official after party following its main event. The party was called Sleepless in Vancouver; it ran from 2:00-7:00 am, and by 3:30 am, 8X6 was at capacity. There were still Cupid Volunteers and BDSM furniture, that made the previous party so much fun, but there were also a massage table and a violet wand for guests to experience. There were a couple of magic wands on the couches, with condoms available nearby for hygiene, as well. Nick Black, from Black & Blue, built a fuck machine that was on a table in the sex play room. (It’s basically a large dildo on the end of a power tool that has a speed control knob.) To add another level of safety, 8X6 has a free, results-while-you-wait, government run, STI clinic staffed by nurses, onsite for all major events, including PLUR’s. Feedback from the nurses has been overwhelmingly positive in that they see a record number of guests taking advantage of the service, which is a very encouraging sign.

On this Saturday, August 30th, you won’t want to miss the Phantom of the Night! party. Attendees are encouraged to wear masks that don’t cover their lips, and the 8X6 space will be transformed into a Phantom of the Opera ballroom. (Eyes Wide Shut has nothing on this!)  There was such a large demand for the last Mad Hatter party, that more people landed up on the waiting list, than the number of guests who were lucky enough to attend. Scotty and Markus don’t want that to happen again, so the next Mad Hatter will return as either a back-to-back Friday and Saturday event, or it will be held at a bigger venue on the last weekend of September. Of course they won’t do exactly the same event as before… it will be called “Mad Hatter does Alice”, which sounds like a sequel I’d pay to attend. Needless to say, you should make sure to get your tickets to any PLUR event ASAP, since they always sell out.

Swing, Fetish, and BDSM play parties always come and go. Not everyone in these communities have always gotten along, or even been completely sex positive. What makes PLUR’s events different is their approach – to include everyone, and treat each individual as an equal. Regardless of your experience, gender, or sexual preference, you are welcome and embraced at PLUR. So whether you are completely new to any kink event, or if you’ve been around the scene for 30 years, you’re bound to have an enjoyable and memorable time.

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