Montréal Fetish Weekend: Frolic, Fun, and Fashion.



Perhaps the best vacation you could possibly have, is in Montréal, Canada. People from all over the world, come back every year to attend the Montréal Fetish Weekend, from the end of August through Labour Day. The event director, Eric Paradis was inspired by a couple of events he attended twenty-five years ago. In New York, there was an old world, sexy attire, hotel party called Dressing for Pleasure. Eric wanted to combine that feel with Skin Two‘s new world, big, one-night event – the Rubber Ball – in London.

Photo credit: Michel Laloux

On the red carpet. Photo credit: Michel Laloux

It wasn’t easy at first, but he got some traction as early as the second year, with great publicity from Skin Two and Marquis magazines. His approach to building the event was to build a sense of community, and to promote friendship. And it worked, because it’s the people that make Montréal Fetish Weekend one of the world’s best kink events. 2014 marked the 10 year anniversary for MFW, and it is definitely still growing. Many VIP Pass holders faithfully return, year after year, and each year there are more first timers.

Rubber Geisha. Photo credit: Martin Perreault

Fetish fashion is a big part of the weekend, as there are designers and models flown in from all over the world. In 2010, there were 26 international designers, with 285 models, that put on a two-hour fashion show. This last year, the focus was more on accessibility, higher support, and exposure for the invited designers. There was still the big, spectacular fashion show at the Saturday night Latextacy event, but there was also a street fashion show during the day, TV interviews, and – atop of Mount Royal – the Fetish Photo Walk.

You don’t need a specific sexual preference to celebrate your fetish. Many attendees were blown away by the fashion and all the sexy and creative latex outfits, which didn’t stop at the runway and even extended to the pool party. First time attendee Subspacepet said that she had never seen a bunch of people in latex in a pool before. She was so inspired, she actually found her first latex outfit at a local sex shop, from the Montréal designer Polymorphe, and it fit her like a glove. She has already made plans to attend next year, bringing along a friend from California by assuring her that Folsom has nothing on this. Sometimes latex is even more fun to take off than to wear.


subspacepet modeling her Polymorphe dress & Hades shoes

After the big fetish parties, the night really does take off at the hotel after-parties. This is where the real play happens. You’ll see a dozen, mostly naked people stuffed into a giant balloon. You could try out a vac bed, rope suspension, foot massages, flogging, violet wands and even a hitachi magic wand “massager”. That’s just in the public space, no telling what could happen in the numerous private room parties. Mistress Isobel from Toronto happened to be in town for a couple of booked sessions, when she found out that there was a Fetish Weekend going on. She was looking forward to being adored in her dress at the Latextacy event but seemed to be even more than that at the after party. You don’t get much sleep if you want to take advantage of all the fun that’s offered. Every night has a major event from 10 pm till 3 am. The after party goes till about 7 am, there are workshops and expos at noon, pre-parties, a pool party and an incredibly fun fetish walk with a few hundred other kinky visitors. It’s the people that make the party.

Photo credit: Martin Perreault

Bianca Beauchamp & one lucky “police officer”. Photo credit: Martin Perreault

Most attendees love the friendly atmosphere and open family feel. Even though there is a host hotel that is pretty much where everything is happening when you’re not at the nightly fetish party, the hotel is not completely taken over by the event. In Fort Lauderdale, during the Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend, the hotel is just for patrons of that event. Everyone hangs out at the outdoor pool. It’s definitely a destination fetish event. In 2014, about 65% of the attendees were from outside of Montréal. Unlike Fort Lauderdale, Montréal seems more like a place to meet new friends from around the world. There are no real cliques and everyone is friendly and approachable. Synesthesia is a fetish model from Amsterdam who was brought in for the Latextacy Fashion show. She said “For me, it felt like a real social event, where everyone could easily approach each other, make friends, organize play opportunities, or just have fun.” LadyJtheDiva has been coming to the Montréal Fetish Weekend for seven years and said that it’s way better than anything else because of the atmosphere, the neighbourhood and the fantastic, welcoming, people. “It’s the best way to end the summer and begin the fall.” Lydia Vengeance is the owner/operator of Vengeance Designs. This was her fourth year in a row at the

Bianca Beauchamp & Eric Paradis. Photo credit: Martin Perreault

Montréal Fetish Weekend. She attends large events all over the world. She said that the people are more open minded and not so cliquey in Montreal. There are no giant groups. Everyone who comes from all over the world is very friendly. These world travellers also plan all year to come back to Montréal not just for the poutine but to be part of the wonderful, island, city of fetish. Eric Paradis is quite aware of this key to his event’s popularity. This friendly guest approach is actually orchestrated and built in throughout the weekend. No one is made to feel left out. It’s a proactive part of the event. Eric makes sure to avoid a hierarchy by engineering the event. He is fortunate to have one of the world’s most famous fetish models Bianca Beauchamp, not only in attendance but also very accessible, as are the other models.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine James


The welcome supper is something that VIP, out of town guests are encouraged to attend. It creates a sense of community early on and forms a nucleus for those attendees to be ambassadors throughout the weekend. Then when you have that person arriving alone on the Friday night, they are welcomed by another guest and immediately brought into the fold. This year the welcome supper was at the hotel for the first time and 120 people attended. Eric knows where his bread is buttered. He insists that input from outside the staff is a top priority. The weekend is friendship and fantasy based. There must be a will from the attendees to make it a successful and appreciated experience. They need to have a hearsay in the way that the Montréal Fetish Weekend is being created. Eric’s values creative input from everyone above and beyond. He would like to to be able to transcend the established perimeters of the past and be creative. Eric Paradis works very hard and can be seen all hours of the day and night throughout the weekend. He also has a very dedicated staff that do the same. Candace was his assistant producer. Her main project was the fashion show but she did so much more. She was smiling and seen everywhere, at every event. She was never tired, regardless of the lack of sleep because she felt that she was witnessing heart-warming and special moments. It’s people like Candace that give the Montréal Fetish Weekend that special je ne sais quoi which places the event over the top.

Photo credit: Michel Laloux

The Montréal Fetish Weekend might not be the largest kink endeavour on the planet, nor the most exotic, but it’s certainly the most fun. What makes it so is not that easy to pin down. Is it the electric energy of the city itself? Is it the friendly, open and accepting neighbourhood of Saint Catherine St. East? Is it the way people are treated and welcomed by the hard working staff and returning ambassadors? Maybe it’s seeing all those smiling, sexy people dressed in latex? Most likely it’s a combination and a perfect storm of all of that, that makes the Montréal Fetish Weekend the annual event you mustn’t miss, even if it’s your 10th year in a row.

The 11th Annual Montréal Fetish Weekend runs from Sept. 2nd to 7th. If you’re in the area, or want to run away to Montréal for one last Summer blowout of fetish fun, it’s well worth getting your tickets now. (Note that some events are free – and a few have no dress code – so be sure to check the website, and see how you can join in the fun,)

  • Wed. Sept. 2nd
    > 12pm to 6pm = Greeting
    > 7pm to 11pm = Welcome Dinner
    > 10pm to 3am = MERCURY : MFW Launch Soirée
  • Thu. Sept. 3rd
    > 12pm to 6pm = Greeting
    > 2pm to 4pm = Ropes & Fashion Picnic
    > 5pm to 7pm = Grimm Boutique Rendez-Vous
    > 8pm to 10pm = TGXD Welcome Cocktail
    > 10pm to 3am = Kabaret Kink
  • Fri. Sept. 4th
    > 7am to 1pm = Kinky Brunch & Breakfast
    > 12pm to 6pm = Greeting  |  Expo Kink  |  Workshops  |  Catanzaro Lounge
    > 6pm to 8pm = Fashion Frenzy
    > 10pm to 3am = Bal Bizarre : Exposure Leather & Lingerie
    > 2am to 5am = After-Party
  • Sat. Sept. 5th
    > 7am to 1pm = Kinky Brunch & Breakfast
    > 12pm to 6pm = Greeting  |  Expo Kink  |  Workshops  |  Catanzaro Lounge
    > 2pm to 4pm = Marquis Magazine Cocktail
    > 10pm to 3am = Latextacy Ball : Sin-A-Matic
    > 2am to 5am = After-Party
  • Sun. Sept. 6th
    > 7am to 1pm = Kinky Brunch & Breakfast
    > 12pm to 6pm = Workshops  |  Catanzaro Lounge
    > 2pm to 5pm = Fetish Photo Tour
    > 10pm to 5am = Dusk ‘Till Dawn : A Night of Masks & Play
  • Mon. Sept. 7th
    > 7am to 1pm = Farewell Brunch & Breakfast
    > 7pm to 10pm = Farewell Dinner
    > 10pm to 3am = Bal de Sade

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