Look out world, here we come!

Debbie-LoveAs the creator of Sex Positive, I don’t have enough words to fully express my excitement about this venture.  And I don’t have enough words to truly convey how much I believe in the importance of why I started this magazine.  I have a very clear vision for S.P., and for what I want S.P. to do.  I aim to have S.P. be the webbing that binds all of the sex-positive individuals and communities together, to create a much stronger community for all.  I firmly believe that through unity – through togetherness – we can break through to the next level of equal rights.  And then maybe, just maybe, we can FINALLY put an end to the fear, ignorance and hate that is expressed toward people for reasons surrounding their individual & consensual sexual preferences, their sexual &/or romantic lifestyle choices and how they chose to express their gender.

As we’re based in Vancouver, BC, I aim to make all of our wonderful citizens more aware of how much goes on in our city, how many events that occur – all of the time – that are related to sex, sexuality, gender expression and lifestyle choices.  If you haven’t discovered our events calendar yet, you need to take a good look around in there.  It may well change your idea about what Vancouver is, as a city.  And as we grow, you’ll see more calendars popping up – to help connect sex-positive people in cities around the world.  You see, Sex Positive isn’t so much a magazine, as it is a new wave in a sexual movement – and I hope you’ll join us.

We’re here to end the shame and guilt and silence around sex.  We’re here to empower people and to celebrate life, love and sex in whatever way is natural to us – (so long as it’s consensual, of course).  We’re here to join the sexy powers-that-be together, so we can turn the sexual-political tide – and it’s going to take a LOT of us to do it.  So I hope you love sex, and love, and life enough to want to celebrate it all, and join us to put an end to the excruciating shame and silence that surround sex for so many.  So come join us, and help us make the world a more sex-positive place to be.

Updated – Nov., 10, 2013

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