HUMP! Fest: Putting sex into a cinema near you.

Debbie Love

Dan Savage is well known for his column Savage Love, and for being the co-creator of the It Gets Better Project.  What a smaller percentage of the population knows, is that he also created an amateur porn festival called HUMP!

Unlike what one would typically expect from a festival of this sort, the selections cover a wide range of sexual tastes and artistic perspectives – including a spectrum of orientations – making it an inclusive “dirty movie” festival, rather than a straight-up porn fest.  And it has the added sexy benefit of being ALL amateur, made by sex positive people who wanted to share their sexy imaginations and bodies with you.

The 20 short films that made the cut are comprised of Dan Savage’s own personal picks, and also audience favourites.  Savage shares, “We bill HUMP! as an amateur porn festival. But it’s more than that.  It’s rare for people to watch porn that takes them outside their comfort zones—it’s rare for people to watch porn that, if they were home alone in front of the computer, they wouldn’t choose to click on and watch. At HUMP! straight people watch gay porn, vanilla people watch kinky porn, gay people watch lesbian porn. And people laugh, they gasp, sometimes they cover their eyes. But at the end of every film people clap and cheer. It’s moving and wonderful and newcomers don’t expect it. The whole festival is a celebration of sexual diversity.”

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of porn, amateur porn, &/or sex on film – this is something not to be missed!  And the organizers have decided to whet our readers appetites, by giving us 2 tickets to give away to one lucky winner in Vancouver!  So… if sitting in a darkened theatre and watching a variety of sexy cinema is your idea of a good time, here’s how to get YOUR chance to win!

  • Email us at – with I WANT TO HUMP! in the subject line
  • Include the showtime you’d prefer to attend (July 4th or 5th at 7pm @ The Rio)
  • The winner will be selected randomly
  • The draw will take place on Friday, July 4th at 5pm PST.

So grab someone sexy, and get ready for one of the best movie date nights you’re ever going to have, because HUMP! is coming to town!  See their website for tour dates and locations, and to purchase tickets online.

HUMP! Tour - Vancouver Promo

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