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“Where are the Global Event Listings?”
Hover over the Events – Global link for the drop down menu to find the current resource lists we have available.

“Why isn’t the ( ______ ) group listing included?”
We’re compiling listings for specialized events around the world. We’re working on more to publish all the time, so if it’s not there yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t going to include a group – it most likely means that we either haven’t completed that one yet, or we haven’t found the resources yet. This listing groups will continue to expand as we discover more groups and events, and they discover us. 

“Why isn’t (________) event listed in the group listing?”
Possibly, because we somehow missed it…. possibly because it doesn’t meet the mandate somehow. Either way, please contact us if you see any events missing! We’re very interested in promoting events – to help connect people, events, and venues. We’re here to assist in individuals achieving personal sexual actualization, and in helping to keep events and venues surviving and thriving.

“How can I get an event listed?”
Contact us at if you host – or know of – an event that is either of the following:

  • it belongs on any of the group listings that we’ve already published
  • it belongs to a specialized sexual, gender, or sexual/romantic lifestyle community that we haven’t published a group listing for yet

Remember – we’re sex positive, gender positive, body positive, and (sexual/romantic) lifestyle positive, so all events must meet one of more of those stipulations.

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