Male Survivors Awareness Month

April 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018 all-day

ABOUT Male Sexual Abuse Awareness Month:

  • What is Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse month? Our goal is to initiate additional information dissemination that sexual abuse does not just occur to women but also to men. We also need to generate conversations on how to aid males who have been sexually abused and to also push for equality in services for all genders.
  • What are proclamations?
    • Each year, the B.C. Provincial and municipal governments receives many requests from organizations requesting proclamations to mark events that highlight social and health issues. For example, Democracy Day or Cancer Awareness Month.
    • A proclamation is a recognition by a governmental of events or occasions held by groups on behalf of issues relative to their mandate or of concern to the general public. The attorney general has the authority to approve and sign provincial proclamations as do mayors and councils for municipal governments.
    • BCSMSSA requests proclamations from municipalities within the lower mainland in April to acknowledge and promote awareness of “male survivors of sexual abuse”. We sincerely thank each participating municipality that recognizes our need for awareness around male sexual abuse.
  • How can I support Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse month?
    • You can wear a turquoise ribbon to mark male survivors of sexual abuse month in support for the cause.
    • You can also generate conversations around this issue to increase awareness.
    • Find out something new about sexual abuse of males and pass on the information.
    • Some individuals may also reach out to organizations that support males and donate to the cause.

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