September 1, 2017 – September 4, 2017 all-day
Campsite near to

Littles Beyond Hope is an outdoor adventure for the AB / DL / Littles, CubFur (and friends) community

We arrive on the Sept 1st

Enjoy all the fun and games and teddies and stories around the fire (always room for volunteers to help with this) and pack up on the 4th

We are offering all food to those who attend (except snacks)
Registration is only $35 (pre-registration) $45 (after pre-registration closes Aug 29th) $70 (Sponsor) (The extra funds are used (on a sliding scale) to help offset cost to those who cannot normally afford to attend) we want everyone to be able to come no matter what.

Please let us know if feel you need help and want to be sponsored…spots may be limited depending on costs.

Both memberships include all food (Breakfast and dinner). Cereal, hamburgers, hotdogs, and such are but a few of the items on the list but it’s going to be very simple so we can feed everyone the same things.

FOOD Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: Please let us know when you register so we can accommodate you.

You need to bring:
*BYOP (padding & supplies)
*BYOB (bottle(s) – you get the idea)
*BYOM (mix for that bottle)
*BYOTB (teddy bear)
*BYOT (tent – and camping gear or share)
*BYOS (snacks)

We will be camping in the forested area off the Coquihalla River – just past Hope. Lot’s of spots for those wanting to take Nature pics as well. We shelter our area well so it’s as private as we can make it on public land and have yet to be bothered in the 3+ yrs doing this type of event.
We are only a few minutes drive into the town of Hope, so if you forget anything, Hope can be a really good resource.
You will need to get there and get home on your own however some people may be willing to provide a ride share, however it is strongly suggested that you offer some compensation to the driver(s) for allowing you to tag along.

Please contact mesheXeno, or Nikki to arrange payment or if you have any questions about this event.

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