April 15, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Forbidden City
2463 E Hastings St

Location: Forbidden City. 2463 E Hastings (alley entrrance only)(north of Hastings alley)
Cost: $25 at door
Dress code: Casual and discreet when entering the club

Every Wednesday is CD City at Forbidden City from Noon until 5 PM. Come play. Dress up sexy and have fun meeting others. We have private dressing room, rumpus room, and adult Cinema rooms.

Storage cupboard rentals available.
Peruse our little boutique, and see if we have some attire and sexiness that you might want to show off.
Free wifi and secluded outdoor patio.
Shower room available.
Lots of free parking.

Operating since 2009. Please know that those marking themselves as going is not a total reflection of those attending. Keep in mind we have regular clients who are not on fet life although we love Fet Life!

NB – Please during the snow days look to our website to see if we plan on opening that day. We will post by 10 am day of event. Thank You

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