My Little Pony : Healing Masculinity?

    I’d heard of bronies before… they were sort of a strange urban legend as far as I knew – until the night that I met the composer for the reboot of the 80’s kids’ cartoon, (which is now in its 6th season). He confirmed that bronies are, in fact, a very real thing – though he didn’t elaborate much,… Read more“My Little Pony : Healing Masculinity?”

Eadweard : A Study in Motion AND Emotion.

(Above: Michael Eklund as Eadweard, and Sara Canning as his wife, Flora.) The BC Film Eadweard, a biopic about Eadweard Muybridge by writer/director Kyle Rideout and writer/producer Josh Epstein, is fast taking over film festivals around the world. Based on the the Electric Company’s play Studies in Motion, (written by Governor General Award winner Kevin Kerr), the film explores the main… Read more“Eadweard : A Study in Motion AND Emotion.”

WHY KNOT the movie: Breaking the silence on monogamy.

Why Knot is one filmmaker’s courageous journey into a forbidden horizon. Dhruv Dhawan is the creator of the critically acclaimed documentary From Dust in 2005. He lived in India and Dubai, until he decided to continue his education by getting his MFA in Film Production at UBC. When he arrived, he communicated with a wonderful woman, Hang Duong, through Plenty Of… Read more“WHY KNOT the movie: Breaking the silence on monogamy.”