Burlesque Beauties Baring It ALL: A First for Vancouver

Debbie LoveVancouver, BC, is widely considered to be to burlesque what Seattle was to grunge, and two local ladies are making sure to keep it that way.  On Saturday, June 21st, they are presenting an ALL NUDE REVUE at The Rio Theatre, that is sure to leave the audience awestruck and aroused.

Local stars Lola Frost and Melody Mangler are the beauty and the brains behind La Belle Pêche Nue, and their aim is to bring the audience a show that is truly unique.  This talented duo have set their sights on challenging the contemporary burlesque standard of never revealing all.  Lola explains, “We are so inspired and intrigued by the romance of the body in its naked form.  Curating a show steeped in such high-art concepts as dance and theatre, and then combining those with striptease, commonly viewed as lowbrow, was a powerful potion for our desire to undertake this endeavour.  Melody Mangler and I don’t seek to change how burlesque is seen or executed, only side step the formula and bring in a sense of ferocious strength and dazzling vulnerability to both the audience and the performer.”

Roxi D'LiteBoth Lola Frost and Melody Mangler will be appearing in all their naked glory, and they are thrilled to be joined onstage by burlesque superstar Roxi D’Lite.  Roxi holds the industry’s top honour, the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s 2010 ‘Reigning Queen of Burlesque’, and is widely considered one of the world’s best. She is commonly known as “The Bad Girl of Burlesque”, and is also Miss Exotic World 2010.  Lola and Melody also hold Burlesque Hall of Fame titles, with Melody winning Best Debut in 2009, and Lola being awarded second runner-up to the Queen in 2013.

These three headliners are being joined by an elite group of established performers and rising stars “that have been carefully chosen for their strength and innovation as performers and artists”, namely: Villainy Loveless, August Wiled, and Jungle Cat; with Cass King as Mistress of Ceremonies; and the Stage Muscle and Style being provided by Brent Ray Fraser and Socratease.  In other words – there’s something for everyone to erotically enjoy at this voyeuristic extravaganza.

I asked the beautiful, talented, and articulate Lola a few questions to get a clearer idea of what the audience should expect from the experience…

Do you consider the show to be a demonstration of the body positive movement?  And if so, why?
LOLA:  By all means it’s part of the body positive movement – by using our bodies as our artistic medium, and doing so not only through dance, theatre and poetry, we are doing so naked. It takes an ownership so deep in ourselves to be shared live – in the moment – with a theatre full of people.  It’s one of the highest celebrations of the body – to be seen as both the creator, and the craft.

Is the goal for the event to lean toward the erotic, or the artistic?  What should the audience expect?   
LOLA:  This event is definitely a blend of both!  We curated this show with that alchemy in mind.  What is erotica without poetry and seduction?  What is striptease without a succulent blend of skill and sensuality?  The audience can expect a couple and gender-friendly night of high concept theatrics, mixed media, dance, commentary, experimentation, and – above all – beautifully executed striptease.
Are there more shows like this in store for Vancouver?  Is this the beginning of something bigger for you and Melody – as a troupe, or performance company?  
LOLA:  We curated this show as an experiment, and to create a dialogue about what really defines our art form. We wanted to put full-nude striptease in a theatre, and see what happened as burlesque artists – if the laws of coverage did not hold us back, to see if it would change anything.  We wondered what would come up for us creatively, and what our audience might think and glean from it.  All the artists chosen (with the exception of our headliner Roxi D’Lite, but including our MC Cass King) were asked to create new works for the show.  The acts needed to be a minimum of 6 minutes, include multimedia, oh, and of course – to have an element of full nudity. Artist choice. The product is, in my opinion, breathtaking.
So there you have it – this first for Vancouver MIGHT be its last, so you should definitely NOT miss it!  If these artists keep up the standards of performance that audiences have come to expect of them, this is sure to be a night to remember.
  • Advance tickets are available online only at http://labellepechenue.brownpapertickets.com/.
  • Advance General Admission = $25.
  • Advance VIP = $50 (Only 50 tickets available.  Best seats in the house, with 1 complementary beverage and a juicy swag bag!)
  • Tickets at the door = $30
  • Doors at 8pm – Show at 9pm
  • No outside photography on cameras or phones permitted.
  • 19+ only
  • Licensed

3 thoughts on “Burlesque Beauties Baring It ALL: A First for Vancouver

  1. Burlesque is not a nude performance. Burlesque is beautiful and is about the tease and leaves something to the imagination. Nudity is beautiful too, but to call the performance burlesque is inaccurate.

    • If you read the article, you’ll see that the producers of the show have created something new – by combining their burlesque art with other performance arts… hence their calling it a NUDE REVUE. Burlesque is a component of the performance, but not the entirety of it.

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