BABE BANG: A new kind of Ladies Night comes to Vancouver.


Debbie LoveLock up your daughters, girlfriends, wives, sisters, and – scratch that – let them ALL out to play because a whole new sex/dance/play party is here for ALL the ladies in Vancouver.  Hot on the heels of some very sexy ladies-only events during Pride, this night is sure to get steamy.  If you’re a woman – cis and trans included – you’re more than welcome to jump in this pool… and there will be some kiddie pools to jump into!

Abby Normal and Lex Gray are the beauty and the brains behind this new event, who you may already know as the creative team behind RENT CHEQUE, (Vancouver’s ‘open gender, all skill levels, anything goes’ strip contest night), which just celebrated it’s one year anniversary.  These two ambitious bombshells are “working together in hopes of making Vancouver a wetter and better place for freaks and geeks alike.”  And while they’re different in almost every way, it’s that vision and passion that bonds them together as a team.  Given the success of RENT CHEQUE, and it’s dissimilarity to their new project, I asked Abby Normal what made them decide to make BABE BANG a reality, and what they hope to create with the event.

When we started up Rent Cheque, there was an immediate demand for an after orgy spot for such a crazy and naked night, but finding a state-of-the-art and hygienic facility that could host us on the DTES at 1am on a Wednesday night is nearly impossible, so we figured we may as well host a new event on a weekend but with the same spirit. Also, both Lex and I have experienced a deficit of events like this in the city proper, and ESPECIALLY sex play events catered to women. Instead of whining about how they don’t exist, we figured we’d try and make something happen. (Plus, my landlord says that if the neighbours complain one more time about the sex noises coming from my apartment that they will for sure call the cops.)

Basically we want to facilitate a party where women feel comfortable to explore themselves, their bodies, and their limits. We’re envisioning it half-sex-club and half-debauched-dance night, so there will be something for everyone. A lot of newbies are tentative to come to events like this, because they are worried they have to throw themselves in the deep end. With the inclusion of an amazing DJ (DJ AppleCat) – as well as strip performances, and things like a sex swing demonstration – we hope to offer an intro experience for these ladies. For the more veteran of our crowd, we want to offer a state of the art sex club facility in a central location, Club 8X6, where they can make the space their own, and we can all come together – pun FULLY intended!

From what I can see, these two aren’t joking around about the event, despite Abby’s obvious and ready sense of humour.  They seem to be trying to cover every base possible, including taking advantage of some bondage furniture made available to them, courtesy of the venue.  They seem determined to make this night a success for EVERY woman who attends, no matter what their experience level, comfort level, gender identity, orientation, or inclination… and that is one TALL order.  To help facilitate that, they’ve come up with a communication system: candy necklaces mean: “Ask me to makeout.”; glow jewellery means: “Ask me what I am into! I am down to GET DOWN!”; and masks mean: “I am on voyeur duty tonight.”

BABE BANGCandy, condoms, and lube will be in ready supply for both fun and safety, and safety is definitely important to these ladies when it comes to having sexy fun.  Not only have they taken advantage of the available government service for providing a certified public health nurse – giving free 5-minute STD tests – but they’ve also engaged representatives from Consent Crew to attend, to help contribute to the sex positive, consent-culture based environment.

Dancing, demos, strippers, bondage equipment, and more await every eager (or timid) attendee, so what can we all expect in the future from BABE BANG?

What we’d really like to see as the night progresses, is that this turns into a seasonal celebration of women’s sex and sexuality, and all the various shades of that.  We plan on doing BABE BANG seasonally, so since this is the summer one, we will have all sorts of blow up toys and bubbles, as well as swimming pools for the squirters!
For the next one, it will be Autumn, so maybe we’ll go the direction of a darker/Hallowe’en theme. Stay tuned!  We’ll be announcing our next event in the weeks following the launch on our facebook page, and the tickets will always be made available at Little Sisters or online.

Whether you’re a queer, dyke, femme, stud, tomboy, bisexual, heterosexual, trisexual, curious, lipstick lesbian, butch, pansexual, gender queer, cis woman, trans woman, or any combination of the above – there is a place for you at BABE BANG.  And Club 8X6 is definitely the perfect home for this event; so get your sexy self down there, and do NOT miss out on the launch of this event.  Vancouver is ready for this much sexy-lady-ness… are you?


2 thoughts on “BABE BANG: A new kind of Ladies Night comes to Vancouver.

  1. Hi I would like a a lender or link pls to fetish…sex parties…like at 6×8…I didn’t know if all sees amd orientations fo to all their events.
    New to this….need tips on it.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Our calendar contains all the fetish & sex parties that are publicly – and semi-publicly – promoted. All details as to genders and orientations are always included in the event descriptions. This month’s events are being populated now, so be sure to check back for all the fun you can handle!

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