The Team

Debbie-LoveDEBBIE LOVE • Creator • Owner • Editor In Chief • Contributing Writer •  Debbie Love is a driven sexual revolutionary who is determined to make the world a sex positive, gender positive, body positive, and lifestyle positive place.  Her vision spans all sexual cultures, and includes all sexual paths that are based on consent.  She is passionate about creating a world that brings greater equality, safety, and harmony to all.
Ms. Love has 12+ years experience in studying and exploring different sexual subcultures, lifestyles, and communities; and has a lifetime of studies in all things related to relationships, communication, and social mechanics. A philosopher, writer, and sexual intellectual, she is so very proud to have created this magazine – a place where people are accepted for who they are, what they enjoy, who they love, and what relationship structures work for them. She firmly believes that by creating a place in the minds of readers – where equality and inclusion reign – it is an important stepping stone toward creating the same in the real world. 



Quirky-Caroe-981x1024CAROE SANDOVAL • Contributing Writer • Caroe is an actor, perspiring writer and baby burlesquer, who stumbled back into her creative passions after a Life hiatus. She has written 3 plays – including a comedic cabaret, which she also performed in and directed – and a dark, punk operetta, produced by Spectral Theatre. When not spinning life’s miseries into comedy gold (cough), or learning lines, she is likely to be dancing in dark caves, or on stage at Screaming Chicken’s “Taboo Revue”, or with her sexy cohorts: “The Glamour Squad” with friend and punk icon Jimmy Cummins. She has a deep love of film, theatre and saucy musicals, and is adept at finding any cheap excuse to throw on a wig and glitter. She is also passionate about body-positive, sex-positive, people-positive, normative-bending, narrow paradigm-destroying inclusivity, and opening up humanitarian discourses. Her education combined with life experience has fortified Caroe as a dreamer and doer, and an artist with a conscience. Lastly, Caroe comes armed with a quick wit, disarming manner and a nice set of t*** too!  She is thrilled to be a contributor to S.P. Magazine.



Leada-Stray-e1383536286223LEADA STRAY • Contributing Writer • Leada Stray is a Vancouver based drag artist, who combines fiery passion with a love of individuality, and a fierce desire to impart a sense of pride and joy through the art of drag.  In its 10+ years of community involvement Leada has worked on projects ranging from gay marriage rights, youth drag workshops, anti-racism activism, as well as helping organize host and perform for numerous charitable organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. In joining S.P., Leada hopes to reach new audiences and teach the world about living life large and in charge.




Lianna WaldenLIANNA WALDEN • Contributing Writer • Life is fantastic!  The knowledge that we create our reality has led me to take risks externally and internally.  I do what I love and feel passionately about.  This can change, and I let it, as this motivates me.  I try to listen to my gut instincts and, (more often than not), my libido – always heading toward that which feels good and that which I feel drawn toward. Erotica is a big part of my life – exploring and surrendering – and I am having so much fun!

On the “work” front, I am a Producer,   Theatre, film, books, workshops – I love producing.  Presently, I am producing a play, “Bi, Hung, Fit… And Married”.  So far, it has shown in Vancouver and Seattle with great success.  Next stop: Toronto, and then New York.  This is a very provocative and sexy piece about sexuality, relationships, non-monogamy, hidden desires and love.  Along with getting the play out there, I am preoccupied with launching the book which inspired the play.  I also recently finished producing a feature documentary by Roger Evan Larry entitled “Citizen Marc”.  It is a comical, irreverent, biopic about Marc Emery, the famed marijuana activist who is presently in a United States jail.  The film is making its way around film festivals, then will be broadcast, and is sure to one day become a cult classic.
I have produced and worked on many other projects, spending many wonderful years of my life in the arts.  And now, the Lianna Walden journey continues, as I play around with Sex Positive Magazine and Debbie Love – exploring and opening up to new, juicy, blissful paths.

Ron Kearse - Nov 2013RON KEARSE • Contributing Writer • Ron has been an active, out and proud gay man since he was 18 years old (1975). He’s been writing all of his life, and finds inspiration in traveling, art, friends, reading & photography. A sexual explorer, Ron has delved into kink, exhibitionism/voyeurism, erotic photography and has appeared in some gay porn videos, (gasp).  He’s co-hosted radio programs, conducted interviews – on air and in print – and has a colourful and varied resumé. Ron has hosted a couple of small art exhibits of his works and has had his photographs exhibited in public shows. His first novel, Road Without End has recently been published and other novels are presently in the works. He’s been living in an open relationship with his partner Steve for almost 30 years.



Submission02250701087VIBRATO • Contributing Writer • Vibrato: The Human Vibrator. Has been involved in the Fetish and Kink scene since 1992. Inspired by the Fukuoku Vibrating Massage gloves, Vibrato commissioned the first vibrating massage suit in 2007 and is currently on the fifth version which is a vibrating harness. Vibrato’s goal is too bring the real world of sex positive alternatives to the curious mainstream and promote all safe, sane and consensual play. 

He currently lives in Vancouver, BC but travels to International events and loves to offer Vibrating Massage Hugs.