What is S.P.?

SEX POSITIVE.  It’s more than a magazine, it’s a way of life.

SEX POSITIVE is an online magazine and is a truly unique resource.  Our aim is to provide an open and interesting forum that is inclusive – and integrated – to be a source for all manner of information regarding sex, sexuality, gender, sex/gender issues, and much, much more.

We’re putting together an eclectic staff of contributing writers to represent as many of the sexual/gender nooks and crannies as possible – AND represent more mainstream sexual cultures too.  We aim to treat everybody with the same amount of respect and consideration, and believe that the next step toward political equality, is through bringing the separate sex-positive communities together.  We aim to be the webbing that does precisely that.

We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, though our audience and aims know no bounds.  Our first events calendar serves the Greater Vancouver region, but our aim is to expand and create the same resource for cities everywhere. Our calendar contains all sorts of sexy events, as we are happy to include all events that are about bringing sex positive people and communities together.  You’ll be amazed at how much goes on, and we’re excited to share all that sex-positivity and sexiness with you.

We hope you enjoy what we’re doing, and that you’ll help share us with the world.  So come join us!  Because we want to make the world a more sex-positive place, and it’s going to take a LOT of us to make that happen.