Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite all of the sex positive communities together – to create a larger, stronger, sex-positive community. We believe that through UNITY, we can create the inclusion and social acceptance that we feel our society – and the world – needs.


  • in sexual freedom and sexual/gender equality
  • all people should be proud of their orientation and identification as sexual beings – including those who identify as asexuals and aromantic asexuals
  • sexuality is a natural and valuable part of our beings
  • there are more important things to politically bicker about than what each individual wants to do with their own body
  • it’s time that equal rights – for ALL – regardless of sexuality, gender, gender expression, body type, or sexual/romantic lifestyle choices
  • all citizens should feel safe – (physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, politically, and financially) – to be true to their sexuality and gender, in private, in public, and in their workplace
  • sex is a personal choice and – regardless of what choices any individual makes regarding it – it should in no way make one person more or less valuable than another
  • children should be free to express their gender and sexuality with no fear of social punishment, OR losing their parents’ love and acceptance
  • togetherness is the key to creating a sex-positive world
  • we CAN make a difference in our own, and other people’s, lives – in all communities and countries