What does “sex positive” mean?

Sex Positive Magazine’s mandate includes sex positivity, gender positivity, body positivity, and lifestyle positivity… so what does that all mean? Here are the definitions and explanations of what these terms mean, and what we stand for. And what we hope you’ll stand for, too.

  • SEX POSITIVE: being accepting of your own and others’ sexuality; the belief that sex is normal and natural – in all consensual forms; the belief that the amount of sex one has is nothing more than an individual’s level of libido, including asexuality; the belief that people are people, regardless of how they’re sexually wired, and an individual’s choices around sex – and their sexual orientation – do not impact their worth or rights in society; whether a person has no sex, lots of sex, or is a sex worker of any kind – equality applies to everyone.
    • Sex positive does NOT include sexual abuse &/or non-consensual sexual activity of any kind – up to, and including, rape and pedophilia.
      However, consensual “rape play” (consented to by both/all parties involved), and “consensual non-consent“, ARE included – as an individual is exercising their right to choose what sex they want.
    • You don’t have to understand or be interested in another’s activities and choices, in order to respect those choices and the person.
  • BODY POSITIVE: the belief that body type, shape, size, age, illness/wellness, &/or ability/disability do not in any way impact a person’s worth; the belief that there is no “right” way to look, and no “good” or “bad” bodies – only bodies; the belief that youth, ageing, disability, illness, weight, height, race, and any other physical attributes &/or changes do not impact a person’s right to sexual expression, their worth, or their equal rights as individuals and members of society. Every body deserves respect.
  • LIFESTYLE POSITIVE: accepting that there are different relationship styles and structures, and the belief that so long as the relationships are consensual, there is nothing wrong with any of them; the belief that whatever sexual &/or romantic lifestyle a person chooses, it does not affect their worth in any way; the belief that so long as a person is ethical about their relationship choices, and treats all partners fairly and respectfully, there can be nothing negative to judge about that person &/or their relationship choices; the releasing of the concept that there is only one “right” kind of relationship structure &/or lifestyle, and that the socially deemed “correct” relationship structure changes with geography in accordance with what is deemed “normal” by the society in question… in other words, what we are taught is “normal” &/or “right” is only that – what we’ve been taught; the understanding that the key to happiness and success in relationships, is to choose the right one(s) for one’s own self, and that none of us has the right to tell anyone else what is right for them.
    • Lifestyle positive does NOT include any form of forced sexual/romantic lifestyle choices. As with all other positive movements mentioned here, consent is key. The absence of consent of any kind removes it from falling under this banner.
    • This also means that while it is possible to observe other people’s unhappiness, and emotional &/or psychological unhealthiness, we must respect other people’s choices. We each have the right to make choices for our own lives, happiness, and health, and none of us have the right to make those choices for anyone else.

We believe that all of these mindsets and belief systems are intrinsically connected, and that until ALL of them become the cultural norm, NONE of them will truly be accepted. We believe that these are important aspects of human rights, and that until people are protected by all four of these aspects, we will continue to see many human rights violations occur on the micro/individual and macro/societal/global scale.

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