2016 PRIDE SPECIAL : Thursday Roundup

The 38th Annual Vancouver Pride season is filled with almost every kind of event you could think of, and maybe a few more. And while it’s easy to find pictures of hot, young things partying, what’s harder to find is pictures of the heart of Pride… the people and events that touch us all, and remind us why Pride is so wonderful, and so important.

Staff photographer Wulfric Odinson (also known as contributing writer & drag queen Leada Stray), has begun chronicling some of the delightful and heartfelt moments of Pride; and each day, we’ll be releasing some from the highlights of the previous day, for all of us to enjoy. Happy Pride, everyone!

This year’s Aging With Pride luncheon was the best attended yet. Now well past its 10th year, attendance continues to grow markedly. All attendees had a wonderful time. Martin Boyce inspired the crowd by speaking about the Stonewall riots, while several singers and an amazing improv team kept them laughing throughout.

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Despite a little bit of a late start, the Deva Plaza heated up around 5 o’clock with members of the GVNCS, the Dogwood Monarchist Society, and the Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation, all in attendance.

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We’ll be adding in photos as the weekend progresses, so if you had your picture taken – you may show up yet! If you would like a copy of your own picture, please feel free to email us at here.


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