My Little Pony : Healing Masculinity?

    I’d heard of bronies before… they were sort of a strange urban legend as far as I knew – until the night that I met the composer for the reboot of the 80’s kids’ cartoon, (which is now in its 6th season). He confirmed that bronies are, in fact, a very real thing – though he didn’t elaborate much,… Read more“My Little Pony : Healing Masculinity?”

2016 PRIDE SPECIAL : Thursday Roundup

The 38th Annual Vancouver Pride season is filled with almost every kind of event you could think of, and maybe a few more. And while it’s easy to find pictures of hot, young things partying, what’s harder to find is pictures of the heart of Pride… the people and events that touch us all, and remind us why Pride is… Read more“2016 PRIDE SPECIAL : Thursday Roundup”

VPD Working to Better Serve Trans* People.

Trans* issues are the hot LGBTQ+ topic right now, as many activist groups and individuals are making a serious push for equal rights and safe spaces for trans* people. And, in stark contrast to the bathroom insanity in America, Canada is working to increase its protections for our trans* citizens. On April 27th, BC MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert put forward Bill… Read more“VPD Working to Better Serve Trans* People.”

STRIPPED : The Très Zukko Interview

Très Zukko – Interviewed by Caroe Sandoval. CS: For those people who don’t know you yet, how would you describe you act? Your persona? TZ: My acts are very… exciting. I like to think that they’re different. The group numbers that I like to do are very fast choreography, hard hitting – and I work my dancers hard, and they like… Read more“STRIPPED : The Très Zukko Interview”

Eadweard : A Study in Motion AND Emotion.

(Above: Michael Eklund as Eadweard, and Sara Canning as his wife, Flora.) The BC Film Eadweard, a biopic about Eadweard Muybridge by writer/director Kyle Rideout and writer/producer Josh Epstein, is fast taking over film festivals around the world. Based on the the Electric Company’s play Studies in Motion, (written by Governor General Award winner Kevin Kerr), the film explores the main… Read more“Eadweard : A Study in Motion AND Emotion.”

Montréal Fetish Weekend: Frolic, Fun, and Fashion.

Perhaps the best vacation you could possibly have, is in Montréal, Canada. People from all over the world, come back every year to attend the Montréal Fetish Weekend, from the end of August through Labour Day. The event director, Eric Paradis was inspired by a couple of events he attended twenty-five years ago. In New York, there was an old world, sexy attire,… Read more“Montréal Fetish Weekend: Frolic, Fun, and Fashion.”

Dealing with Fetish Dress Codes

I am a Dom and have been enjoying the lifestyle on and off for the last 17 years or so.  Wish I can say that I have taken part in events over the years but something always prevented me (more so the wife). I am a widow now of a few years, and have have gotten back in the swing… Read more“Dealing with Fetish Dress Codes”

PLUR Productions: Sex positive nights you’ll NEVER forget.

ScottyHotty and MARKUS|edge, (their user names on, have only known each other a few months, but their partnership is already legendary. Scotty has a lot of event promotions experience; he has put together many club nights on Granville, and Richards, as well as big events at BC Place. He has a lot of friends and followers in the LGBT, swing,… Read more“PLUR Productions: Sex positive nights you’ll NEVER forget.”

Vancouver Pups say, “Come out and play!”

For the members of the puppy play community in Vancouver, there is MUCH to celebrate this weekend.  Not only is the local community leader – Pup Figaro – the current Northwest Puppy titleholder, but he just brought home the International Puppy title as well.  And, capping off all the excitement in town, Vancouver is the host of this year’s Northwest… Read more“Vancouver Pups say, “Come out and play!””

BABE BANG: A new kind of Ladies Night comes to Vancouver.

  Lock up your daughters, girlfriends, wives, sisters, and – scratch that – let them ALL out to play because a whole new sex/dance/play party is here for ALL the ladies in Vancouver.  Hot on the heels of some very sexy ladies-only events during Pride, this night is sure to get steamy.  If you’re a woman – cis and trans included – you’re more… Read more“BABE BANG: A new kind of Ladies Night comes to Vancouver.”